Where To Eat in Cebu? Mag STK Ta Bay!

Aside from lechon, I think sutukil is one of Cebu’s must try in terms of food. There’s a handful of sutukil style restaurants sweeping across the city, but my favorite is the popular STK Ta Bay sa Paolito’s Seafood House.

STK (or Sutukil) stands for the Cebuano terms on how to prepare seafood – Sugba (means grilled, or barbecued) Tuwa (or tinola is a soup based dish flavored with ginger and onions) and Kilaw (or kilawin are pieces of raw fish or meat, soaked in vinegar)

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Similar to the concept of Paluto in Dampa here in Manila, what you do in most sutukil restaurants in Cebu is choose your seafood from an array of fresh catch in a small open market, then decide how you want them cooked. Some people however, (or should I say.. uhmm. Me?) would prefer to skip that process and just order straight out of a menu. That’s where STK Ta Bay! comes in. You’ll get freshly prepared seafood dishes minus the hassle of picking. Continue Reading

Liliw, Laguna: More Than Just The Shoes

I honestly knew very little about Liliw until Cille and Titus invited me to visit their home a few months ago. I wasn’t really expecting much, except for the stream that Cille mentioned. Which we haven’t visited yet.. Haha! Other than that, I thought it’s just going to be a do-nothing weekend in the highlands. I was wrong.

Before Liliw, Laguna to me just meant hot springs and buko pie. Thanks to this couple, I was able to discover a deeper culture that isn’t much publicized on social media.

Our first stop: Liliw, Laguna.
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Travel Weekend: Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Mt. Maculot – Batangas

I can still remember my excitement when one of my friends-slash-officemate asked us to join her for a weekend retreat in Batangas. It’s probably one of the most memorable trips I’ve had because i think it’s the first time we actually spent time together as a group outside work — and though I prefer to travel solo most of the time, I can’t deny how much I enjoyed every single detail that happened on this trip. Join me, as I relive the memories of my first hike.

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